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Residental energy efficiency

To help Bulgarian households reduce their heating costs, the European Commission, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Agency for Energy Efficiency of the Republic of Bulgaria have developed the REECL Program, a EUR 40 million credit facility for financing energy efficiency in the residential sector . These funds are provided to well-established Bulgarian commercial banks for lending for energy-saving measures in Bulgarian homes. These include: energy-efficient windows; insulation of walls, floors and roofs; efficient stoves and boilers for biomass; solar water heaters; efficient gas boilers; heat pump air conditioning systems; integrated photovoltaic systems in the building; abdominal stations and building installations; gasification systems; recuperation ventilation systems. Toplik Ltd. is one of the approved companies for the construction of installations aimed at increasing the energy efficiency and reducing the current heating costs. In cooperation with our specialists, you can count on adequate consultation for the most effective solution to your problems, as well as professional installation, good service and guidance for the proper functioning of the installed installations.

Условията за кандидатстване по програма REECL може да намерите тук :