Company history

TOPLIK LTD is one of the leading Bulgarian companies in the field of the heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and gasification for twenty years now. The company was established in 2000 as a result of the activity's expansion of existing by this time company ET "TOPLIK – Krasimir Georgiev" founded in 1996. The activity of the company comprises designing, construction and service of systems for heating, cooling and hot water stations for any type of premises – residential, domestic, industrial and other buildings.

TOPLIK has become one of the most reliable companies on the Bulgarian market. TOPLIK offers designing and engineering solutions in the field of:

  • Heating systems – gas boilers, LPG boilers and solid fuel boilers; alternative renewable sources (geo- and hydrothermal pumps);
  • Ventilation – fresh air systems (air ducts, air handling units, fans, clean rooms);
  • Air conditioning – complete heating and cooling solutions for residential and industrial buildings and for premises with specific technological requirements (water-cooled chillers, fan coils);
  • Gasification – indoor fuel gas distribution systems, building and street network (pipes, fittings and all relevant accessories);
  • Industrial installations with increased danger, steam- and hot water installations, pressure vessels (gas burners, heavy oil burners and light oil burners, gas/light oil dual fuel burners, gas/heavy oil dual fuel burners, steam generators);
  • Clean room equipment – hygienic air-handling units, materials and equipment for clean rooms, surgery premises equipment.

The main driving power of our company is our continuous development and our ability to offer to the customers complete service, high efficient and energy saving installations in conformity with the continuously developing technologies in this industrial branch. Thus we guarantee low operating costs, stable and long work of our equipment.

All this in combination with the appropriate structure of the service network and high-qualified professionals allow us to provide comfort and confidence to our customers in each moment.